On-line Submission

As a rule, all authors who want to submit their research articles in KODISA should make use of the on-line submission system for our website. There are no registration fees for our site.

Please follow the on-line submission procedures.

The details are as follows:
1. Before submission, make sure to check our research paper guidelines and revise the references in the paper to the APA format.
2. Visit the KODISA web site : https://kodisa.jams.or.kr
3. There is a menu for either “Korean” or “English”.
Click “English” to read all the contents in English.  
4. On the upper side of the website for log-ins, there is a menu called “join”. Click it.
5. A pop-up appears, by which you should click “Sign in JAMS 2.0 only”
6. Next, there are 3 parts that you need to click on. Please read carefully before clicking.
 : “I agree” and “sign up”
7. After that, you should fill in the blanks for your personal information.
Then click “Register”.
8. After the process for joining as a member has finished, Log in, and then click “paper submission” on the upper left side of the website.

When all of the procedures for joining as a member are completed, you can submit your research article in the web site. If you come across any difficulties, please don't hesitate to contact us at kodisajournals@daum.net

Thank you.

Kindest regards,
KODISA Editorial Office